In the Bin

Artworks are constantly moving in and out of the gallery and not everything goes on the walls. There are bins of unframed paintings and drawings by each of the artists for you to select from and then frame to your specifications. Leslie offers a 20% discount on framing and she has great ideas to help you achieve what you are looking for. 


There's art on the walls and in the Bin


Take a Good Look

Artwork in the bin is a good place to find a bargain. It is also where new work is often placed before decisions are made about framing. You can decide how it will work best in the location you have in mind for it.

At the Fence Prt.jpg

Prints may be a good way to go

Halliday prints are available in a wide range of subjects. You can choose the size that fits best in accordance with your plans. Ask Bob or Leslie for pricing and help with technical details.